Starburst Video Slot was released in the year 2012. Despite kicking off to a slow start, the game eventually caught up with the pace. It became popular surprisingly fast among players who got accustomed to the simplicity of its entire design. Even though gem bursting games initially inspired it, there wasn’t anything in particular that the critics could compare it to. The creators had developed this slot with a simple aim in mind that “less is more”.  Therefore, Netent’s very popular Starburst now available on Bucky The objective is pretty simple. The players must line similar symbols up along the pay lines in the game.  


For a company like NetEnt to come up with something as simple and basic as Starburst was something out of the ordinary. It has been particularly known for using the latest technology and 3D animations for video slot games, but this didn’t stop the game from making its mark.

Starburst is loaded with symbols such as rubies, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires that shine on every single reel. The colors also jump out of the screen, leaving you with a bunch of winnings. If these are already not dazzling enough, the Starburst Wild would definitely steal the show.

It was designed to replace the traditional Wild by making it expand over the entire reel and allowing up to three re-spins. This could actually be counted as Free Spins as it comes with no extra cost.

Betting Ranges

The betting options originally start from 0-01 and can go up to 100.00, which makes it suitable for all types of players, including the ones who love to bet high. Thanks to the seven different coin values and ten levels that there are many more betting options available between the lowest and highest range. 


What sets the game apart from several other online slot games is its simplicity, and while it may come off as a downside to some, it is the sole reason behind its success story. It might not be packed with extra features, but whatever features it does have are simply brilliant. The idea, later on, inspired the development of several other games after Starburst to further prove how simplicity can also work out well.

With a competitive RTP rate of 96.1%, the game is definitely worth investing in for a high pay-out.

Starburst is all about energy and excitement as it allows you to avail its two-way win feature, which means you can win by accumulating matching symbols from right to left as well as left to right.

Tips & Tricks

Even though it’s designed for players to play with ease, there are certain things one must keep in their mind to win on the Starburst slot.

Make sure you adjust your bets before spinning so that it remains within your budget. 

Starburst generally gives enough leverage in terms of bonuses, but players usually do not have control over the reels, which is true for other slots as well.

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