Office Lovers: Predictable

Office Lovers has finally come to the NA, but was it worth the wait?

Visual novels are becoming big on this side of the world and the switch is the console to go on. Just like other otame games, your goal is to get the guys as you make choices to get them to fall in love with you. You are part of a make-up company and have been assigned to a new exciting product for this Christmas season. But the trick is all the guy wants to have a relationship with you, But the boss has said that it is against the rules.

Let’s go into the depth of what makes a good visual novel. Can we concentrate on the product and get the guy at the same time? Plus is it worth the time to do it?


Being on the Switch, we can play it on the go and pick it up when we want and where we want. You can quicksave and load for a quick continuation of the game on the go or at home. Plus you can switch for the different storylines if you want too. With being like a book it is a great thing to have on the go.

We have five guys to choose from all with different stories, Mysteries, and different products to make. Each story has you end with a good and best ending so brings on lots of replayability. As you play throughout the game we unlock pictures of you and your man though the story to look at later (don’t worry they are safe for work). Make your way across the story, you get your choices to make which will improve the relationship between you and the guys.

Durning your story it will unlock 5-6 photos of each one of the guys. You go to each guy’s profile and look at the gallery, play the squeal or go on a date. So once you are done with the guys you can always come back to take a look at the journey. As you go through the story you with learning the real man behind the suit. Plus the ability to replay the story to unlock the other endings you have a good amount of replayability.


Let us start with the music or lack thereof. There are only about 7 tracks to listen too which gets repetitive. Plus being on a 30-45 second loop makes turning off the sound become a welcoming environment. Especially when there is no other sound at all but button presses. Being the game is 4 yrs old they should have had more improvements in the game

There are five guys to impress but your choices don’t impact the story but to get a different ending. Either way, you get the guy and the product is a success your choices don’t make a difference in the game. Some of the guy’s stories feel like their going on the path of creep or harassment side of things. The main protagonist is such a pushover and feels like a side character over being the main.

You can tell this game was made for mobile. The game moving to switch should have seen lots of improvement but sadly there are not many. Now with more visual novels come to the switch than ever before they need to make an effort. If this was still on mobile here in the NA it would make sense. Most games in this gene have voiceovers, sound effects, and animations.

Final Thoughts

After playing though of three of the five available storylines, telling where they are going to go is too easy. Each story can be played with the auto-scroll but will take up to five hours for each character, so the need to start doing it manually to shorten stories so they don’t take so long. Yes, there is always a mystery part of every story, but not being able to act on the gut feelings makes the choices feel none impactful. The photos all felt the same just with different guys in the picture. The art may be good but with only a few different backgrounds and charter images to look at, you’ll get bored quickly. 

This game has a good sturdy structure but with nothing to help its move into 2020, this gameplay like it was designed on a mobile phone.

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