Bo Johnson – FALLING EP Review: A Groove to Dance To

With the closure of clubs and bars due to the Covid pandemic, dance music seems to be in an odd place. With so few venues to accommodate an active dance floor, artists have turned to streaming their music in a variety of ways. Billboard number 1 artist Bo Johnson also finds this the perfect time to flex his musical prowess. His most recent release, the “Falling EP” is filled with not only uplifting grooves but an emotional weight that is easy to relate to. It all adds up to an enjoyable listen and a good taste of his upcoming album, starting with the titular single “FALLING” (Feat. Evan).

A very smooth track with a defined sound that is full of heart. It has some fantastic production quality with a beat that will make you sway, whether you’re sitting or standing. The vocals are powerful and full of emotion which does well against the undeniable pulse that the track proudly puts forward. The hypnotic synths amplify this effect and create a sense of dramatic power behind them that you’ll need to hear to believe.

The following track, “Humming Waves,” is another stand-out. This is a track with a powerful head-bobbing groove to get you up and moving. The beat grooves through you as the synths grind against it, moving into your hips that makes it impossible to not dance to. The hypnotic effects from FALLING persist into this track, but without a vocal cue it’s easy to simply just get lost in the intensity of the track. It’s a fantastic party beat that will fit on any playlist.

Overall, Bo Johnson’s Falling EP is fun and full of emotion. The titular track “FALLING” shows off the artists’ talents from the top with a beat that will stick with you and a vocal feature that leaves the same impression. Followed up by “Humming Waves” to kick the EP into overdrive, it is definitely a must-listen for the fan of pop-style EDM. By the time “I Hear You Tonight” ends, the broad spectrum of talent that Bo Johnson brings is on full display. This all leaves you wanting more, which I can’t wait to experience on his upcoming album “The Rise.”

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