Review Fix Exclusive: DawgGoneDavis Talks ‘Here Comes Santa Dawg’

Review Fix chats with DawgGoneDavis about her new holiday track, “Here Comes Santa Dawg.”

Review Fix: How was this song written?     

DawgGoneDavis: It was written as a fun and serious tribute to my Hans, dachshund.  He made it to almost 14.  Hans Von Noodles Davis was a cool personality Doxie.  He was a huge comfort after double mastectomy surgery seven years ago.  He was a lover to anyone.  Hans would make eye contact to make you melt.   I wrote the lyrics and Hellmut Wolf put the perfect music to it; perfect!

Review Fix: What makes it special for you?   

DawgGoneDavis: This song is special as it, too, is completely honest about our childhood with mom and dad.  We did not have much, but somehow Christmas was always pulled off with Lego’s, Barbie Campers, hilarious movies and Love.

Review Fix: What do the holidays mean to you?  

DawgGoneDavis: Holidays mean food and fun – lots of kids, babies, and craziness (oh, and Jesus!)   We play hoops and touch football.  We watch a lot of football on TV, of course!  Scrabble games with lots of competitiveness and yelling.

Review Fix: How has COVID affected your holiday preparing?   

DawgGoneDavis: Hugely this year after different nieces and nephews in four States have had COVID or exposed to it.  So it is difficult for all American’s and the whole world.   Usually we have big ole parties; sadly we have small parties of about four total in different homes.  Very hard; we are a large extended family – just like everyone else.

Review Fix: How do you want this song to be remembered?  

DawgGoneDavis: I am sooooo pleased this song took off and stayed all year round.   I wrote it fast from the heart.  I hope it is remembered for its funny references to Canine Teeth compared to Two Front Teeth for Christmas.  I hope kids try to also stuff their bodies into Barbie campers and boats.   I hope it is remembered for it’s love for our pets.   Remembered for your pets; they are family and we cry when they leave permanently.

Review Fix: Where do you think it stands compared with your other work?   

DawgGoneDavis: I have seen this Christmas song of ours standing the test of time (and that is amazing – so proud of the Hans and Franz).  I think it is up there in the top five as folks can identify with it and laugh.  That is what I strive for imagery and laughing.

Review Fix: What’s next?    

DawgGoneDavis: After two hits with Chago G. Williams, Hellmut Wolf and I are working on a third song now with Chago.  It is serious in topic and will come out at the beginning of 2021.  We also pray for the world to open up so we can perform live with audiences.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?   

DawgGoneDavis: Thanks to Stephen Wrench for getting Santa Dawg out to backyards and Radios.   Thanks to  Hellmut, Tom Estey, Chago G., drummer Jack T Perry, and Romain Duchein, guitarist, during the last two and a half years!!  More Rap Diversity with Rock & Roll to come – we will never stop the “shock and awe.”    Merry Christmas and God Bless us, Everyone. Big Smiles.

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