Pacer Review: A Tribute to Wipeout

Do you miss the days of space racers like F-Zero and Wipeout? Well, here comes a newcomer to the anti-gravity racing scene. When it seems all the latest racing games are the same old car on the same type of tracks, it is nice to see something different. With some of the devs from Wipeout 3 helping to make this become a true spiritual successor to the original Wipeout. Will this game be a fresh new breath in the gene or just an ode that falls flat?


Pacer is the next-gen Wipeout with just a new name. The Unreal Engine brings a beautiful look to this fantastic game. Bring futuristic track to current real-world places worldwide, from the stunning Niagara Falls to Russia’s cold winter land. The environment is breathtaking that you will be looking off the track over what’s ahead. With high paced racing, the camera also plays an important part, which in Pacer accompanies you fantastically through every bend. With a game having such fast pace racing, the graphics and camera need to be top-notch, which in Pacer they are.

 The sound design is on point in Pacer, from the electric music to set the high octane racing mood. From a full list of artists to pick from to make your custom playlist. A robotic announcer in your craft to warn you of the pending dangers. The jet engines going into overdrive when you hit your boost or the crunch of steel as you collide with other drivers. Each of these critical elements adds to make an overall fantastic experience. Then when we add surround sound to this for the full effect of placing you inside the cockpit.

Now, something that makes Pacer takes a jump ahead of the others is the amount of customization. Choose from five different crafts, then change everything about them from engine, brakes, anti-gravity system, weapons, and much more to take on the multiple different types of races. Make your craft more defensive for elimination and Strom matches or full-on speed and handling to come in first. Make your craft your own based on your style, from how it races to how it looks. There are seven different ways to race, so being able to customize your load-outs is critical. 

Take on the career mode, online, or quickplay to earn the credit and unlock everything as you go through the career mode, take on racing for twelve different teams with each having their challenge and races to complete. Pacer has a unique approach to using credits in the game. Unlike most games, you have to unlock everything through the career mode. Pacer plays things differently where you unlock a vast amount of everything with credits earned from all that you do. Play on thirteen different tracks with three ways to play each one. Then we add four-speed classes to add more challenges if you want it. There is so much to play here, even with not being able to play the online at the time of writing the review.


With Pacer being such a great racer, it is hard to find much wrong with it. But there is a couple of things that come to mind. First, a couple of game types need some work. Having an elimination race where your only goal is to destroy the other racers makes no sense to keep up with the pact just stay in last and take out the opponents, and the same thing goes for the endurance race. Next is the career mode, where some of the races are too easy where others are too hard.

The Verdict

Pacer is the sequel to Wipeout we wanted, from the people the most passionate about making it happen. Jumping right into Pacer whether new to Wipeout style games or not, it’s super easy to learn.

Start the game whatever way you want by racing for other teams in career mode or practice on that perfect lap in quickplay, so you become a champion online. The game’s customization side adds a refreshing breath. Having a custom load-out makes everyone unique, from how they look to how they play. The sound design and overall visuals make Pacer a perfect package. With lots of ways to play a small number of different tracks, it still never gets boring. You have to see for yourself what makes this fantastic spiritual successor to the F-Zero and Wipeout.

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