Mega Cat Studios Takes On Indie Maker’s Play – Log Jam Tournament Winner Gets The Axe!

Passion Creators and Game Enthusiasts Come Together

An exciting event is coming your way! From March 26th to 28th, 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM, join Mega Cat Studios at Indie Maker’s Play. Meet new players with similar interests and enjoy your favorites games like Fallen Angel, Baby Castles, and Bedlam Ball Game live on-screen! Expand your gaming knowledge as Indie Maker Syndicate introduces different indie creators, their games, and other exciting projects they have in store.

 Mega Cat Studios will be hosting the Home Brew Spotlight highlighting multiple Home Brew developers and the stories behind their projects. Featuring developers from Tanglewood, the team from Roniu’s Tale, Devwill Too, and many more.

Watch out as they also hold the Log Jammers Tournament, an energetic and competitive arcade sports game featuring ax-throwing and blade-catching action. Channel your inner lumberjack because players are encouraged to jump into the fun.

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Get a chance to win a shiny axe, win some glory, and get the game for free!

Log Jammers is at 50% off this weekend if you want to get a copy for a friend. Get it here!

Tournament Begins at 2:00 PM EST March 27th, 2021

In the wake of so many large game studios pulling out or reducing their presence at tradeshows, “We wanted to set the record straight,” James Deighan, CEO, said. “There should be no confusion among press or fans about whether or not we are holding our Log Jammers tournament. The wood has been chopped. The controllers have been greased.” When asked how many people reached out to confirm if Mega Cat would maintain its longstanding presence at the Log Jammers event, Deighan replied, “Literally no one.

Experience an IRL Convention Feel in VR!

Indie game creators and enthusiasts won’t want to miss a weekend filled with indie games, alt-control projects, maker workshops, Q&A, and more! VR “booths” will be available for attendees during the digital convention and have the chance to get the inside scoop from game developers.

Want to attend? Tune in to Indie Maker Syndicate’s Discord and Twitch to get in on the live-action. You can also follow them on Twitter for timely updates on what you should look forward to at the virtual event.
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About Mega Cat Studios: An independent video game development studio with a global team. They are also passionate game developers and artists who seek to create meaningful experiences through their games and About Indie Maker Syndicate: They are a supergroup of creators and curators with over 8 years of volunteer experience in the convention scene. They are united around the goal of helping game devs, interactive artists, and tinkerers who share their passion projects with the world.

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