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Whereas in land based casinos, the slot machines only get a makeover at regular intervals, in the casino online it’s a weekly occurrence. Every month gambling sites add dozens of new video slots to their huge game offering. You may also check out at  for a list of recommended online slots games and safe gambling sites.

What are online slots? 

Online slots are the slots of the casino online. There are thousands of them and each one is unique: varying in theme, payout percentage (RTP), risk (variance/volatility) and win lines. Online slots can be divided into classic slots, video slots, megaways slots and progressive jackpot slots. We will cover these in more detail later in this game guide.

How do online slots work?

Online slot machines work exactly the same as their physical counterparts. It’s all about – literally and figuratively – rolling identical symbols on a line. Such a line is also called a win line, after the English ‘winning line’ or ‘payline’. In classic slots you will often find 5 winning lines, but in modern video slots tens, hundreds or even thousands of them – megaways slots are a good example. 

With three identical symbols on a payline you often have a prize. If you have more, you win a higher amount. The payouts differ per symbol and can be found in the paytable, also known as ‘paytable’. Where on land-based machines these are located on the slot machine itself, on online slots you will find the paytable in the info menu. Always useful to check in advance, because all other game functions (‘features’) are explained there as well. 

Random Number Generator 

The outcome of each spin is based on pure randomness. This is because online slots are controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This generator makes an independent and random choice from all possible outcomes determined by pre-programmed algorithms. Without RNG, the outcome of the reels and thus the payout would be predictable, with RNG it would be impossible. Especially if online slots are not rigged, as is the case in reliable online casinos. 

Thanks to the Random Number Generator, winning or losing on video slots is thus purely a matter of luck. However, online slot machines are programmed in such a way that in the long run – after millions of spins – they always yield profits. The well-known house edge. Just like in Holland Casino and arcades. The big difference, however, is that the house edge there is much higher than online. In online casinos the average house edge is 4%, in Holland Casino (10%) and gaming halls (20%) it is considerably higher.

What do online slots pay out?

Online slots also pay out much more than land-based slots due to the lower house edge. The Return To Player (RTP), the average payout percentage, is around 96% in the online casino. This means that for 1 euro per spin, players get back €0.96. This percentage is of course only an average. A very lucky player will win a multiple of his bet, an unlucky one will lose the full amount. Winning or losing at video slots is nothing more or less than pure fortune. 

The only certainty is that at the end of the day, the online casino always wins. That said, the house is beatable, especially in the short term. Even hitting a million-dollar jackpot on online slots à la Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune is possible. The fact that gambling sites offer such prizes has everything to do with the cutthroat competition and their relatively low costs. 

Wondering how to beat the best slots online? The answers are further down in this game guide!

Why play online slots?

Not only in Holland Casino but also online the games on offer consist mainly of slot machines. Most online casinos have thousands of them. All a matter of supply and demand, because the best online slots are very popular. And there are reasons for that: 

  • They are free to play: video slots you can play for fake money in demo versions, but also for real money with no deposit free spins. And say it yourself: who doesn’t want to play free slots with serious chances of winning? 
  • They are approachable: online slots are very easy to use and have no complicated game rules. Bet, spin and hopefully cash in! 
  • They are immersive: the best online slots are an experience in themselves. Each slot takes you into a unique thematic story with appropriate symbols, features and audiovisual animations.   
  • They are cheap: video slots can often be played for as little as 0.10 per spin. With other online games of chance, the min. bet, the minimum stake, is a lot higher. 
  • They make you dream of hefty jackpots: a lot of online slots come with hefty top prizes, the progressive jackpot slots in particular. In theory, you could become a millionaire with just a few cents. Unfortunately, most dreams turn out to be a pipe dream.
  • They have something for everyone: because each game is unique, there is also an awful lot of choice. You can choose from different themes and various types – classic slots, video slots, megaways slots and progressive jackpot slots. 
  • They are still evolving: the first online slots were classic fruit boxes with 3 reels, 5 paylines and nothing else. Nowadays, there seems to be no limit to the number of reels, paylines and spectacular game mechanics. No, the slot machine online is definitely not yet evolved.  

How to play on online slots? 

The simplicity with which online slots can be played is one of, if not the most important pillar of the success of digital slots. With a personal gaming account, you not only have simple access to thousands of different titles at the casino online, but it’s also a breeze to crank them up. 

With most video slots, all you need to do is set your bet per spin and press the play button (‘bet’). All symbols will then start spinning on the reels, after which they will automatically come to a halt on the winning lines. If the symbols form successful combinations you win. 

However, some online slots let you choose how many paylines you want to play with. Our advice: always play with all available paylines. The more paylines, the more chances of winning. It’s not just any of our tips and tricks for beating the best slots (see below).  

Usually the stakes are expressed in Euros, but sometimes online slots providers choose to display them in credits. This often requires some more attention, because you first have to determine the value per credit and then also the number of credits you want to bet per win line. Since the payouts are often in credits as well, it is difficult to keep track of your game progress. Beginners should therefore skip such video slots.

To make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into, it’s good to be familiar with the game of your choice beforehand. You can easily do this by browsing through the game’s information menu or by consulting our slot reviews. It’s also good to be familiar with the jargon and commonly used terms like RTP, free spins, wilds, scatters, hit frequency, volatility and more. Luckily, with this game guide, you’ll be up to speed quickly. 

How to win on online slots?

While winning and losing at online slots is a matter of pure luck, there are a few things you can use to give luck a helping hand. Here are 7 simple tips and tricks to beat online slots:  

1. Earn no deposit bonus! 

A good start is half the battle. Also in the online casino. For example, did you know that you can easily play the best online slots with free money? Some online casinos are so eager to welcome you as a new customer that they sprinkle you with free play money, whether in the form of free spins or not, as soon as you register. They do this with no deposit welcome bonuses, perks that require no deposit. It gives you the chance to play risk-free, without making a deposit, on all kinds of video slots. And best of all: you can win real money right away. 

2. Play the game smart: do bankroll management and set profit targets! 

What applies to other casino games also applies to video slots: tackle the house with a clear plan. Also on the slot machine it is important to start with a certain budget and not to deviate from it during the game. Also, set a realistic profit goal, so no million dollar jackpot, so you know when to stop. That way it’s quite possible to take a swipe at the online casino (in the short term). 

Example: suppose you work with a budget of €200 and a profit target of €50, then you stop when the counter reaches €250. That profit can be used to build on.

3. Ignore progressive jackpot slots 

We understand that when choosing a slot it is very tempting to chase the big money. After all, who doesn’t dream of becoming a millionaire with a simple click of a button? Still, we recommend skipping progressive jackpot slots. 

Indeed, such video slots rarely pay off. Firstly, the chances of you hitting the jackpot at all are very slim. Secondly, you also reduce your other winning chances considerably. The latter has everything to do with the fact that a large part of the payout percentage is used to fill the jackpot. Progressive jackpot slots therefore generally pay out less than normal video slots. 

Our advice, therefore, is to go full for regular slots, in order to limit the house edge of the online casino. As mentioned earlier: play the game smart! 

4. Play slots with a high RTP 

Those who want to maximize their chances of winning should also choose slots with the lowest possible house edge. In other words: online slots with a high RTP. After all, on games that pay out more on average, you have a better chance of actually triumphing. That’s not higher math, but it is something players tend to forget. 

The best online slots have a payout percentage of around 97%. Some games even creep towards 100% – yes really. The RTP of video slots can often be found in the information menu and otherwise our slot reviews will help. By the way, we will come back to the best paying slots later in this article. 

5. Always play with all win lines active

It’s probably an open door, but we’ll kick it in anyway: play with all available paylines. With the maximum number of paylines active you will have the best chances of winning. Many of the best online slots nowadays automatically play with all paylines active, but it’s always good to check. Often a glance at the slot machine will suffice. If the paylines are not explicitly mentioned, play with them all. If it is, you often have to select an amount. The rules of the game often give a decisive answer as well. 

6. Bet firmly on high variance, go easy on low variance

One slot machine is not the other. Not only do they all have a different house edge and RTP, but also a different risk profile. Often referred to as variance or volatility. With a slot with a high variance, you won’t get a prize as often, but you’ll grab a lot once the party is on. With a slot with a low variance it is exactly the other way around: you win regularly, but rarely very much. Medium variance video slots are somewhere in between. 

It is important to be aware of this, because you can adjust your strategy accordingly. With high volatility it pays to bet high, because then you can profit maximally from possible hits. In case of low volatility, however, the advice is to play quietly and thus gradually play towards profit. All for the ultimate goal: beating the house!  

7. Perfect your strategy through free play

A good way to see if your approach works, as well as to learn how to beat the best online slots, is to try them out for free first. Almost all online casinos offer their video slots in demo versions, in which you can push them for fake money. The perfect one to perfect your strategy, but also to get familiar with the paytable, features and the game mechanics an sich. That way you know exactly what you’re playing and whether it’s worth playing for real money. With or without free spins!  

RTP & Variance of slots

Knowing is winning. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with the mechanics behind online slots. Two terms that say something about that are ‘RTP’ and ‘variance’, often also referred to as ‘volatility’. This requires a clear introduction: 

What is RTP?

The RTP, in full ‘Return To Player’, is the average payout percentage of a slot machine. It indicates exactly how much a particular game pays out on average over a long period of time. This is shown as a percentage, for example 97% – for every euro you get back an average of €0.97. 

With the RTP, you also know immediately the house edge of the slot machine, as it is exactly the percentage of one hundred percent that remains. Take the example above: if 97% goes to the players, then 3% goes to the casino online. This last figure is then also the house edge of the slot. The lower this number, the better for you and your chances of winning. So don’t be a thief of your own wallet and always check the payout percentage. 

By the way, RTP is not a synonym for hit rate, as some players mistakenly think. Both terms say something about the odds of winning, but they stand alone and work independently of each other. The payout percentage represents the average payout, the hit frequency tells us something about how often a slot actually pays out. This term is also referred to as a percentage, for example 25%. 

What is variance? 

The variance or volatility represents the risk of a slot machine. There are three different gradations: high, medium and low. The higher the variance, the higher the risk profile. And vice versa. 

In games with a high variance, you don’t win very often, but the payouts are high. Think of progressive jackpot slots. In online slots with low volatility you win regularly, but the winnings are modest. Ideal to clear the casino bonus. The average variance is exactly in between. 

By the way, volatility says something about the aforementioned hit frequency. A high volatility slot will have a low hit frequency over a longer period of time. Low volatile slots, on the other hand, will have a high hit frequency. 

You can discover the volatility of a slot machine, and therefore the hit frequency, by looking at the paytable. More specifically: the win between four or five of the same symbols. If this difference is small, you are dealing with low variance. If the difference is large, you are probably dealing with a high variance. 


Once you have tasted online slots, you won’t want anything else. Online casino slots charm and grab you in many ways: through their simplicity, compelling features and certainly those fantastic odds. Who doesn’t dream of winning a nice jackpot? Moreover, there is something for everyone. There are thousands of unique online slots, each with its own theme and in all kinds of fun genres: classic slots, video slots, progressive jackpot slots and megaways slots. If you play the game smart (see earlier) you will score twice: lots of fun and (with some luck) cash!

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