Top 5 Wedding Proposal Ideas For Men

Let’s say you and your woman have finally gotten to that stage where you want to tell her, “I want to be forever with you.” But how do you pop the big question? Marriage proposals are big deals for couples in serious relationships because they have to be done appropriately.

If you order a bride on online dating platforms, you can opt to go straight to the wedding registry to legalize things. However, you could decide to show off your more romantic side and give your bride a proposal experience she could never forget. Whether you propose in public or you do it in the privacy of a rented-out restaurant, a proposal has to be perfect. 

Be it Ukrainian brides, Western ones, or any other woman out there, a well-thought proposal can give any lady goosebumps and a permanent happy memory. In your quest to find a wife online or offline, you will encounter different opinions about how to pop the question. But which ones truly work as planned?

Here are five best proposal ideas for men:

The notes and pillows 

The notes and pillows approach falls under intimate proposals, which are proposals done out of the public’s glare. If you want to avoid the pressure that comes with popping the question in front of other people while maintaining the romance, what do you do?

For this idea, predict when your darling will wake up in the morning and then wake up before her. Drop a note by her bedside or under the pillow to read when she wakes up. Let that note direct her to find another and so forth till it leads to the kitchen or attic where she’ll find you with a ring.

This intimate idea is perfect for shy women that don’t take too well to crowds or public displays of affection. It will take the pressure off them and help them give you the big answer in a more relaxed frame of mind. 

The roses and rings

The roses and rings method is a modern proposal idea. You could get your woman a large bouquet of roses and make her pick one rose out of the bouquet. Guide her hands to ensure she chooses the one with the engagement ring. Expect a priceless reaction from her when she sees the ring as she would be taken by surprise.

You can tweak this idea depending on how creative you can be. Some men place the ring in covered plates, have a waiter serve the lady and ask her to open it. Although putting rings in cakes is a bit outdated, you can opt for that if it’s up to your taste – pun intended.  The bottom line is that the days of hidden rings aren’t over yet and with a bit of creativity, you can come up with a unique idea.

The delivery boy 

Many men who find brides from across continents and can’t physically be with them propose to use delivery men in their country. You could plan with a delivery service to facetime or video call your lover while she receives a package with the ring. You then ask her to marry you as you watch her put the ring on her finger.

Of course, it is more romantic to put the ring on her yourself, and you will get your time eventually. But, delivering the ring is still one very romantic way to propose if you can’t be with your lady at a given time. This idea works well for long-distance proposals. 

The grand proposals

Some men like extravagant proposals that cost a fortune. They believe the extent of love you have for a woman is evident in how much money you spend on her. If you are one of such men and have the means, you can reserve an entire restaurant or cinema and propose there.

Another way to spin this idea is to have the ring come with an expensive present. It works best if your girlfriend likes costly gifts and has a specific item she always craved. It will make her happy that you splurged for the big occasion while remembering the necessary details about her.

The big bang

You may have stumbled upon one of these kinds of proposals. Such proposals are done in public to the delight of strangers. In a big bang proposal, you could see a movie with her, then arrange to have the film paused at some point and your proposal text displayed. Alternatively, go for a sporting event together and propose to her when the kiss cam focuses on you.

This idea is not for everyone because there are women who are not fans of public proposals, no matter how romantic they are. Before you spring up any of these surprises, be sure that it won’t freak your woman out. If you are sure she enjoys the attention that comes with these kinds of proposals, they may be the best options for her.

Final thoughts 

Proposals are beautiful and romantic events. The best way to ensure you memorably propose to your wife-to-be is by being creative and making it all about her. If you do it right, you should sweep her off her feet and make her blush like an infant. So give her the best proposal by following the ideas described in this article. 

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