Has Slingo Created New Possibilities forMovie-Related Gaming?

There is simply no denying that the video gaming industry is in rude health right now. Titles can be accessed on everything from consoles and PCs to smartphones and tablets, while the range of genres on offer is vast. Whether you want puzzles, sandbox experiences, or a bit of action and adventure, gaming has you covered.

One specific area of the industry that is always developing intriguing new concepts is the online casino world. Many sites now offer a wide selection of games, including some that make use of fresh innovations. Live casino titles are a good example of that, while Slingo has also reimagined a couple of classic formats.

Spin to Win

This page about Slingo bingo on Paddy Power provides some key basic information on what the game involves.

The name reflects the fact that it combines elements of bingo and slots, as players have to mark off numbers that are generated on spinning reels. The games can feature an array of elements, including a prize ladder. Paddy Power explains that this tends to outline the prizes that are available when you have managed to mark off lines. It may also feature details on bonus games that might be included within the gameplay.

Slingo can come in many forms and with a range of themes. For example, several are based around well-known names from TV, such as Britain’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. However, titles inspired by big-screen blockbusters have yet to be explored. So, is it time that Slingo went to the movies?

A Major Inspiration

It is not exactly an outrageous suggestion, particularly as movies have been an inspiration for other forms of casino gaming through the years.

Many famous names from the film world have been adapted into online slots, with titles based on blockbusters as diverse as Terminator Genisys and King Kong.  Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure has also had the movie treatment, while Paddy Power also features a game based on the comedy Ted.

Of course, movies have had a long relationship with gaming in general through the years as well. According to Polygon, Raiders of the Lost Ark for the Atari 2600 was the first-ever licensed video game linked to a movie, and many more have been released in the years since. For example, in more recent times, a mobile game based on Jurassic World has been launched. The prehistoric-inspired title details how it offers a range of features, with players having the chance to build their own theme park.

Time for a Change?

Considering the impact that movies have had on gaming through the years, it is fascinating when you discover areas that have seemingly not felt the big screen’s influence just yet.

Slingo now has a strong presence on many sites, so it would be interesting to see how major movies could be adapted into the format. With TV already inspiring Slingo titles, few would bet against some big-screen names also popping up in the future.

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