Review Fix Exclusive: Alterpodes’ Reyson Morales and Harry Adams Talk Origin in Music And Goals And More

Review Fix chats with Alterpodes’ Reyson Morales and Harry Adams, who discuss their origin in music and more.

Review Fix: How did the project start?

RM: Me and Harry met online around the beginning of the pandemic and I started sharing some song ideas that I had recorded music for previously back home in Puerto Rico.  Harry came up with new lyrics and melodies for them and the result was just amazing so we decided to carry on!

HA: I then brought a few songs to the table too  and we started meeting up in Kentish Town to rehearse with our drummer Robinson who’s now also involved creatively.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

RM: Sometimes I just get this melody in my head- I record it on my phone just humming it with my voice and then I set some guitar chords to it and start recording.  I usually do all the drums and bass with keyboards and samples and later replace them with real instruments later but sometimes we like how the sampled drums sound so we just use those at the end. Each time it can be a different process – it just depends on the inspiration and place.

HA: Inspiration comes from different things – could be anything – a news story, a tv series, another piece of music.  Anything with an emotional resonance.  My songwriting tends to be about an emotional journey, either mine or someone else’s.

Review Fix: What’s your standout song? How was it written?

RM: I love Retro-Psycho because the original idea I recorded was in spanish and it had this sort of dark and mysterious vibe to it which went well with the way I was feeling at the time and when Harry did the vocals in english I totally loved it because he really captured the feel and message in the lyrics of the original idea, I sort of like things that are a bit dark and moody or obscure.

HA: It was the first time I’d taken inspiration from a TV show so it was a bit of an experiment in terms of songwriting specifically with respect to the lyrics.  But I think I wasn’t overly literal so it’s still relatable.  We have some new songs in the pipeline too which we’re pretty excited about sharing.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2021?

RM: We want to tour and put out more songs! We have so many now – some still in the works but also some finished which we will be releasing soon – so stay tuned!

Review Fix: How do you want your music to affect people?

RM: I think of music sort of like a spiritual experience, when I go to a concert is like going to church or something like that, I want people to be moved and for that moment be transported.

HA: yeah live music at its best can do that in a way that nothing else can.  Really connect with people on multiple levels.  And it’s definitely been missing this last year so I’d like to think we can be part of bringing it back.

Review Fix: What’s next?

RM: We are getting ready to release more singles and just keep doing what we have been doing, recording and writing more material.  

HA: Equally important at this stage is playing live so we’re shifting our focus onto that going forward.

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