AEW Rampage Power Rankings: Mega Mask Mania!

The AEW ring played the role of a front door on Halloween as masked man after masked man approached it tonight. There were five masks total but unfortunately only three of them make this week’s power rankings. As for the other spots, well…

Honorable Mention: Giannis Antetokounmpo: His free throw count is the only thing slower than a referees count when people are brawling outside but the guy is the reigning, defending NBA Finals MVP so getting him on TV for AEW is a big deal. Especially when the Bucks were known to have pre-game matches led by Giannis and the Lopez brothers. Darby Allin and CM Punk. Neither were on the show in any new capacity yet they both got time. It’s clear they have the biggest match at All Out regardless of it they close the show or not. 

5: Christian: He and Kazarian beat Omega and Cutler in a tag match where Christian got the fall but Christian is no Kazarian. So he’s pulling up the rear of the rankings.

4: Kazarian: The Elite Hunter is one of the best individual character stories pro wrestling has had the last few years. Christian got the fall tonight but Kazarian was on the team too and he’s the more interesting of the duo. 

3: Miro: The Redeemer offered forgiveness to Fuego Del Sol for taking something he didn’t earn but only after he tore off his mask and kicked his face out of his skin. Unfortunately for Miro Eddie Kingston got the upper hand in their exchange but Miro still left with the title, Fuego’s mask and the #3 spot in this week’s rankings. 

2: Jurassic Express: Lucha Bros. got the best of this meeting but this feels destined to be a match we see many more times in the future. Jungle Boy is going to be an absolute star and Luchasaurus is probably the most unique character in all of wrestling. They tore the house down tonight. 

1: Lucha Bros: Jimmy Lloyd needs to hand over the moniker because Rey Fenix truly is “a different boy” Whenever he wrestles I know something is going to blow my mind and tonight it was him falling spine first against the top rope and popping right back up. The man is unreal and I could watch he and Pentagon face The Young Bucks every night of the week. As good as Jurassic Express is Lucha Bros. feel like the right call for All Out. And the cage should add an interesting new wrinkle for this foursome. 

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