Foolish Deep – Summer Live Studio Performance EP Review: Smooth Like Butter

Live performances can be underwhelming at times. Sometimes, the recordings are just flat-out better to listen to than the band or artist performing live. Foolish Deep shows that the opposite can be just as likely with their new Summer Live Studio EP. A collection of tracks both new and old, the smooth, soft sounds of Foolish Deep prove to be electrically-charged in this release. The first of the stand-out tracks is Stranger.

The intro creates a dreamy atmosphere, with a guitar-dominant force. When the deep vocals enter in, it does so surprisingly smoothly. The percussion begins to take hold shortly after to hold the song together and keep it’s dreamy aesthetic. The vocals of frontman Caspar take the lead in the track with impressive range and clarity. From deep and contemplative, to impressive heights during the chorus, it’s easy to get lost and melt into the track when it’s combined with some excellent guitar work. If you listen to one track on this EP, let it be Stranger.

Looking for the Moon is another track you don’t want to miss. An upbeat intro immediately draws you into the track and gets you moving. The retro-inspired guitar and synths are elevating, with a beat that moves right to your hips and lifts you out of your seat. The rock feel bursts through during each chorus, as the instrumentals explode along with Caspar’s smooth vocals. It makes each time he hits the line “lookin’ for, lookin’ for the moon” keep the same buttery smooth feeling to keep you hooked. The best example of this being towards the end, after an enticingly mysterious build-up after the 2-minute mark. Looking For the Moon is a fun and unique track that manages to not only channel its retro aesthetic, but bring it to life.

The Summer Live Studio EP from Foolish Deep is nothing short of spectacular. Each track, including those released on their last EP “The Fool” are just as good if not better than their previous recordings. The other tracks featured on this live EP are also fantastic and are hard to only listen to once. For fans, this EP is a must-listen, but everyone should give these live performances a listen.  

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