Online Casino Affiliate Program, What Do You Need to Make Money?

A casino affiliate program is a kind of partnership that earns you a commission. The commission is earned depending on the deposits that players you refer to an online casino make and their general activity at the online casino. Referring to these players can be done using pop-ups, text links, and banners on your websites.

A casino affiliate is tasked with the duty of putting tracking ids on their websites or any other marketing avenues with the sole reason of getting referrals for the online casino. According to our expert Nina Olsendburg (check profile), all that is required is traffic on your website, which then can be referred to the online casino using the affiliate links. Let us take a look at how such programs work and how a typical online casino affiliate earns money. 

Casino Affiliate Commissions

Casino affiliates are paid in a commission way; hence it is important to understand how the commission works. 

  • Cost-per-acquisition Commission-Commonly referred to as CPA, cost per acquisition is a form of commission that is fixed by the online casino. The cost per acquisition is paid every time a player makes a deposit. The common CPAs range anywhere between $125-$400 per player. This is dependent on the traffic on your website and your market type. 
  • Revenue share Commission-Commission is paid as a percentage of losses a player makes less their bonuses and casino fees. Online casino revenue shares range anywhere from 25-50%.
  • Hybrid deals Commission- this type of commission offers you a mix of both cost per acquisition commission and revenue share commission. 

How to Get Players to Sign Up Using Your Affiliate Link

You help the online casino make money. Since you get your money from earning a commission on referrals, you need to find ways of marketing the casino to players. Some of the marketing ways include

  • Building A Content-Driven Website: This is the easiest and cheapest way to use as a beginner affiliate. A content-driven website gets free traffic from major websites like Google. Norwegian players have a resource in norske casino as it fulfills this criteria. 
  • Search engine optimization: Commonly referred to as SOE, search engine optimization involves targeting common keywords while building your website that players are bound to use when searching for an online casino on the internet.
  • Pay per click: Commonly referred to as PPC, pay per click involves building a website and placing bids on common words that players would use when searching for online casinos while using the internet.
  • Email marketing: This is a common digital marketing tool. It involves generating a list of potential players email addresses and sending them the offers on their email addresses
  • Facebook: This is perhaps the simplest form of digital marketing. It involves marketing the online casino by sharing your affiliate links on your Facebook page
  • YouTube: YouTube is a wonderful video hosting website that you can use to attract players. It involves creating video tutorials and using them as promotional material for the online casinos

Tips for Making Money for Beginner Affiliates

As a new affiliate, there are tips that you need to understand to be a successful casino affiliate:

Casino Affiliate is not as Easy

It is important to come into affiliate programs with a clear mind taking into mind that it is not a get-rich-fast investment. Every successful venture takes time and effort. You must be willing to be patient and grow your craft slowly for you to be a successful online casino affiliate. 

Networking Is Key

Success in any venture is dependent on your networking skills. You may have the best website, but without networking, you may be missing out on other benefits. Networking helps you by listening and understanding other people’s strategies that you can employ on your website. It is important to join online forums that are dedicated to casino affiliates.

Negotiate Better Deals

Dedicating your time and resources to becoming a successful casino affiliate ensures that you understand your job fully. This means that you are in a better place to negotiate for better deals from clients. It is important to always keep negotiating for better deals as this raises your return on investment. 

Have A Target Audience

It is important to understand your target audience. It is important to do some research and understand your strongholds. This ensures that you attract traffic that earns you extra commission raising your revenue

Being a casino affiliate will surely earn money when you understand and perfect it. With the points discussed, you are on your way to becoming a successful online casino affiliate. 

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