Timberline – Florescence Review: Tenderness and Heart

Storytelling and music go hand-in-hand. Each track can feel like an entry or chapter in a greater message, a quality that Timberline’s latest album nails. Florescence has tracks that are fantastic on their own, but when listened to as a whole paints a picture of sorrow, heartache, understanding and tenderness. While this quality lends itself to full album sit-downs, there are quite a few tracks that are impressive on their own on Florescence.

Horsetooth is a track that has palpable warmth and tenderness. The vocal performance matches the instrumental in this track, as the strums of the guitar will feel like pulls on your heartstrings. When more instrumentals begin to reveal themselves around the 2-minute mark, it takes on a dreamy feeling as the percussion begins to cradle the guitar as the performance grows into its own. It’s a stand-out track that feels great after the first two.

August Snows holds a different, bouncy beat and carries the intro along in this track. This feeling continues into the vocal performance until the line “and then you call me crazy.” After that, the track changes momentarily back into the familiar contemplative mood as Sanders proceeds to pour his heart out. It creates a different mood as he claims “but I have a right to go against reason,” which radiates power as he continues with the track as it grows in emotion. 

Telogen holds a slight percussion in this track behind the guitar that gives the track a simple pulse that keeps you listening with its curious origins. After it fades, the track has one of the best guitar performances on the album. Telogen is a track that shows off the musicianship of Timberline perfectly, with surprises that pop up on subsequent listens that make it hard to not instantly add to your playlist.

Now is a fantastic track that feels like an indie-pop radio hit. Each lyrical delivery is built up and explodes to life around the 3 minute mark when the entire instrumental body reveals itself. When combined with the soft vocal aesthetic, it creates an incredible impression when compared to the rest of the album. 

These are just a few of the stand-out tracks on Florescence. While not every track is worth more than a single listen, those that are feel special and worth revisiting. Tracks such as Static and So Lost are other stand-outs while others such as Second Guess don’t feel as good on the second listen. While not perfect, Florescence has more than enough to be loved by any indie or soft rock fan. A few of the tracks may even find themselves on a playlist of yours.

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