Review Fix Exclusive: Randie O’Neil Talks ‘I’m Not That Girl’ And ‘Here I Stand’

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter and guitarist Randie O’Neil, who discusses her origin in music and two new EPs.

About Randie O’Neal:

Smooth and charming, Americana/Folk-Pop artist Randie O’Neil puts her whole self into her writing and performances, using honest and witty lyrics about heartache and strength, paired with catchy melodies.  With her roots-inspired sound, she has independently released multiple albums over the years.  She will be following up from the widely acclaimed EP “I’m Not That Girl” with her new release, “Here I Stand” this Spring.  For fans of Rosanne Cash, Pat Benatar and The Lumineers.

Review Fix: When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

Randie O’Neil: I wanted to sing at an early age, I really had a lot of respect for female artist and those who had a unique sound. I didn’t have a lot of respect but loved the idea you could be anyone through music

Review Fix: What struggles have almost killed this adventure for you?

O’Neil:  didn’t have support for my music at home.  My stepfather was an abusive alcoholic.  One day I came home and my guitars were gone.  I was stunned and so hurt.  I couldn’t play guitars for many years, it became a mental block that was so painful.  I song and started to find my voice and write songs but didn’t play guitar until about 8 years ago.

Review Fix: What have you had to give up for a life in music?

O’Neil: I don’t think I’ve given up anything, in fact, I think I found myself and who I am.  I don’t feel I’m missing out because I’m home working on my craft.  I’ve found friends who support me and a really great community of musicians.  Woman have to work hard in the business not all guys get that so I guess that has had its price.  Guys think it’s great you’re a musician until they find out what you really put into it.

Review Fix: What do you feel you have to do in order to be as successful as you want to?

O’Neil: I think I’ve learned patience.   It’s a process, step by step and I’ve learned to work the process and be patient with the business end of things

Review Fix: Tell me about your newest tunes? How are they different from what you’ve recorded in the past?

O’Neil: I’ve worked hard on some new tunes.  Since I was on lock down and wasn’t waiting for life to give me ideas, I changed my process.  I just decided I was going to write about this and use this technique.  It made for some really good songwriting.  Even my producer noticed the difference.  The melodies are stronger and worked to build an idea.

Review Fix: What matters the most to you away from music?

O’Neil: I really want to be respected as a songwriter.  I love the process and work hard at my craft.  I like to have a message in my songs and hope to inspire people.

Review Fix: You’ve released a lot of music the past year. How have you kept on going?

O’Neil: I really sat with my mentors at Modern Musician to decide how to release my music.  I had a video for each song on the release and released each song.  So I was able to have a song out every other month.  Everyone was online and I had to learn how to be a presence online. I hope to meet my online community one day but I’m enjoying interacting with them.

Review Fix: What’s next?

O’Neil: I’m going to keep going. I want to expand my fanbase, step up my shows and hope to be doing more shows by next summer

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

O’Neil: I am constantly looking for ways to inspire my supporters and have developed a brain based stress management program to mentor others find their voice and be overcome obstacles.

Review Fix: Where can people find out more about you?

O’Neil: Webpage:


All music platforms including iTunes, Amazon ,Heart, Deezer

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