The Best Wrestlers Who Turned Actors

Professional wrestling is incredibly spectacular. Millions of people watch WWE and have their own favorite stars. However, building a career in this niche is not easy. Moreover, most fighters can’t be devoted to this industry for many years because it is both physically and mentally difficult. Therefore, dozens of WWE celebrities decide to switch to various fields that are not related to fighting. One of the paths they choose is becoming actors. In this post, you will find a list of wrestling celebrities who successfully transitioned to the cinema. 

Before You Start 

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Dwayne Johnson

This is a true superstar both in WWE and in the world of cinema. Being one of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood, Dwayne started building his career by taking part in wrestling championships. He conquered the audience and millions of fans all over the world with his outstanding performance, skilled fights, and fantastic charisma. Johnson was soon noticed by the Hollywood actors’ headhunters and tried his efforts in cinema. Currently, he can boast of being starred in dozens of movies of various genres. Being incredibly popular, Rock continues his career as an actor. Moreover, he is a happy father of three kids and successfully combines taking part in different shows and family life. To put it short, Dwayne has found his work-life balance and doesn’t need to take part in wrestling events anymore. 

Dave Bautista 

This is another well-known person in the world of World Wrestling Entertainment. He played on the CW series and gained incredible popularity during this time. However, not only does Dave appear to be a skilled wrestler, but he also amazed the audience with his top-notch cinema performance. He launched his movie career by playing in popular TV series. He was noticed by numerous well-known directors and started to get the key roles in numerous movies and TV series. 

The fact is that Dave was in perfect shape and had an outstanding physicality. However, his appearance had never been the only benefit for casting in various movies. He is a talented actor who continues to take part in different TV shows and movies. His next movie will see the world in 2023.

John Cena

Cena is an actor and wrestler with world fame. Although he started his career as a bodybuilder, he tried different niches and discovered many of his talents. Being one of the wrestling superstars, John is also a TV presenter and former rapper. With the fame of one of the leading and the most remarkable wrestlers of all time, John has become a successful actor within the shortest terms. 

He amazes the viewers with perfect physical shape, impressive acting, and unforgettable ability to transform. Most casting directors believe Cena can play any role in a brilliant and astonishing way. That is why he is known for acting as both positive and lifesaving superheroes and heavy villains. Anyway, John remains a true legend in wrestling

Randy Savage 

This remarkable person remains one of the most successful wrestlers who combined the cinema and WWE careers in a perfect way. Randy was included in the Hall of Fame of wrestling and is still considered one of the most powerful fighters of his time. He played in different movies and was warmly welcomed by even the strictest cinema critics. Moreover, the viewers from all over the world enjoyed watching him on the screen. The reason is that he organically fitted any role and amazed the audience with highly skilled play. 

Unfortunately, Randy died from a heart attack at the age of 59. However, he still has thousands of fans who are fond of watching the wrestling championships he took part in. Moreover, his dizzying career as an actor also deserves precise attention. 

All in all, there are plenty of wrestlers who became successful actors. This list also includes Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Andre the Giant, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Jesse Ventura, The Great Khali, Diamond Dallas Page, Roddy Piper, Adam Copeland, and many others. 

Not only did the males hit the world of cinema, but female wrestlers are now receiving their roles, too. 

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