What to Expect from Dark Souls

When the Dark Souls series released its third installment last year, players were greeted by an entirely new world called The Ringed City. Now, with the game’s latest update, players will get even more content to sink their teeth into.

Dark Souls III introduces two new bosses along with several other improvements and tweaks. Here’s everything players should expect to see in this exciting new content.

Boss 1: Keeper of the Black Stone

The first boss of Dark Souls III is a fairly large creature that appears out of thin air. Players must first break down the door blocking his way before they can begin the fight against him. When fighting him, he has three phases. 

First, there’s a phase where he summons two smaller guardian demons that attempt to block off escape routes as well as attack any enemy who tries to flee from the battle. Next comes the main part of the battle, where Keeper of the Black Stone himself charges at you and tackles you into oblivion. Finally, another set of guardians rush to your aid and try to help. It’s not an easy fight but it never feels unfair to win or lose. If this is not the type of challenge you were looking for, you can check out real money online casino games.

Keeper of the Black Stone Boss Phase 1 Guardian Demon Attack Phase 2 Keeper of the Black Stone Boss Keeper of the Black Stone Player’s Guide – Phase 3 Guardian Demon Attack Additional Info

There are two specific weapons used against him when fighting him. One is an upgraded Knight Sword and the other is a Dragon Lance. You’ll have to use the right weapon for the best chance of killing him easily. If you’re having trouble defeating him, you may want to try using weapons like Greatswords

Boss 2: King Emon of Duskershade

King Emon of Duskershade is one of the most unique bosses ever seen in Dark Souls lore. He doesn’t appear onscreen until after the player enters his base. Once there, he’ll ask if the player wants to join him in his quest to destroy all life in the universe. After accepting, you’ll be teleported to the top of a mountain surrounded by many different creatures and monsters. 

As soon as you enter the area, you’ll find yourself immersed in combat. Many different types of enemies will come running towards you. A few of them include a group of giant crabs which look like octopuses. There’s also a gigantic demon that throws boulders around the place. King Emon then gives you what seems to be a key attached to a small red orb. 

After collecting four orbs around the area, King Emon will reveal his true face and start attacking. Players must run away from him as fast as possible while trying to kill him. While doing so, players will encounter several obstacles including lava pits and spikes that fall from the sky. Some areas are blocked by traps as well such as fireballs that fall from the ceiling and burn up anything within their path. Other areas contain spiked walls which explode if anyone touches them.

After surviving King Emon’s assault, players will be transported back to the entrance. The King Emon boss battle is extremely difficult but players can beat him eventually. To do so, players need to go through his castle, defeating each of its inhabitants, and finding key items throughout his maze-like dungeon.

In order to complete this quest, players need to defeat seven different kings. Each king is defeated individually and requires a different set of weapons and tools. However, players don’t necessarily have to collect every item mentioned here in order to beat King Emon. Instead, players only need to follow the clues given to them by the different kings. After each king is defeated, players will receive a piece of armor or weapon.

By defeating each king, players will unlock new parts of his body. Doing so will give players access to new spells and abilities. More specifically, defeating King Nito will grant players a mask that lets them transform into Gargoyle. This makes players able to fly over the land and get close to enemies without fear of harm. Additionally, defeating King Sigmund will reward players with a necklace that protects them from poison attacks.

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