The Nothing Podcast Ep 40: The Matt – “The Minister of Mental Wellness”

Matthaeus Venatio (More commonly known as Matt Hunt) is a rare breed of person. Singular in his ability to love so deeply while simultaneously remaining wholly indifferent. A specialist in all things Japanese culture, including language, despite his distinctly Italian lineage. Matt has managed to remain a member of the Nothing Podcast team almost entirely in shadow leading some unwashed members of the mass at whole to ask “what does he do?”. Irregardless of his naturally sedentary nature, he has granted the team a rare inside look into his interests and his expertise. This is a once in a lifetime interview not to be missed.

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Hosted by John Panepinto and Frank Caiati 

Produced By Danielle Rose Fisher
Contributors: Matt Hunt, Joseph Hagopian, Thomas Zaccheo, Doug Shine and Adele Wendt
Graphic Design by Danielle Rose Fisher’s Illustration
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