The Nothing Podcast Ep 41: The Man of a Certain Age – “That Patch is a Quilt”

Who is Cliff Hesse? A man of dignity. A man of great renown. An “estinguished” man as John says in our intro. Most importantly he’s a man who has paid his dues and lived a life unmatched. Far from a nobody, Cliff sat down with the gang to wax poetic about his experiences over many decades and clue them in on what it was like living through so much history. A delicate balance of comedy and heart felt wisdom, this episode stands as a unique opportunity to hear someone discuss something that we all uniformly experience. Life.

Hosted by John Panepinto and Frank Caiati 

Produced By Danielle Rose Fisher
Contributors: Matt Hunt, Joseph Hagopian, Thomas Zaccheo, Doug Shine and Adele Wendt
Graphic Design by Danielle Rose Fisher’s Illustration

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