Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: Night of the Cyclops One-Shot Review: A Crazy Tease

“Hellboy” has dealt with his fair share of mythological creatures to last multiple lifetimes. A new one-shot by Mike Mignola with co-writer and artist Olivier Vatine “Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: Night of the Cyclops” has Hellboy dealing with Greek myth and it’s not enough for any fan.

In Thessaly, Greece 1962, Hellboy just finds himself in a land full of satyrs after following a goat down a mountain. There, the elder tells him that Athena put a curse that turned everyone into satyrs and that Hellboy is the prophesied chosen one who’ll break the curse even though Hellboy repeatedly says that they have the wrong person.

There’s something weird about Hellboy getting involved in anything involving Greek myth. While he does (kinda) look like a satyr, creating an entire story with him dealing with Greek myth characters, especially the gods, would be crazy. This comic does not do justice to what can happen when Hellboy interacts with Greek myth characters. It does set up a follow -up story, but there should be a lot more to this. The fight scene with the cyclopes OK, but more meat in wanted.

The artwork has the satyrs look neat and Helboy looking OK but a little too crudely drawn. The backgrounds and the two giant characters are where the artwork truly shines. There are a few panels that show off Ancient Greek mosaics that look exactly like what real Ancient Greek mosaics look like. All this feels like a teaser to what may or may not come.

“Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: Night of the Cyclops” takes an idea that’s crazy and only teases the reader with it. Hellboy fighting Greek Myth monsters would be great and this comic isn’t enough to sate the appetite of “Hellboy” fans. The artwork does the same thing, making “Hellboy” fans even hungrier for a much longer comic.

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