For No Apparent Reason – The Faith Irons EP Review: A Rock Feast for the Ears

An EP is the perfect way to show your range as a musician. A small number of tracks can show off exactly how robust an artist can be, or can simply solidify them into a genre. The Faith Irons have chosen to show off just how many different ways you can rock out with their latest release, For No Apparent Reason. The four-track EP comes out swinging with Come Out.

Immediately, the track kicks itself into high gear with kickin’ drums and a wild, yet commanding guitar riff that only drives harder the longer the track goes on. The track is packed full of energy and is hard to not move to, with enough in the instrumentals to get you moving and enough lines in the lyrics that are catchy enough that you’ll catch yourself singing them, even if it’s your first listen. Lines such as “it’s not a state of mind, it’s just a reason for us all. An answer to a call” and the chorus, especially when they hit the line “come out where the lies and the secrets are told. The rattlin’ teeth, the rattlin’ bones.” The hard-rockin guitar solo is the cherry on top of an excellent, high-octane intro track. 

Go Around follows it up, with a bass groove that softens the smashing kick of the drums and establishes a mysterious aesthetic to the track, with a vocal performance that’s much more mellow than the last track on the surface. Lines such as “But I realized last night, as I was waitin’ in the dark” and the jolt of life during the chorus reinforces the hard-rock attitude behind the softer first impression. Even after repeat listens, this track is a stand-out on the EP and will certainly make it on to any rock lovers’ playlist. The next track, Desert Sun, shines a whole new light on the sound of the band.

The sunny guitar wails feel extra bright when propped up by the groovy bassline. The vocals back up this sunny aesthetic by keeping things in a higher key and shedding a bit of the in-your-face attitude of the previous tracks. While the energy in the track is high, with bouncy percussion and meandering guitars that spark and wail with life, there is an undeniable laziness to the track that gives it the perfect laid-back aesthetic. This is also in spite of the lyrics, which illustrate confusion in lines such as the intro “wonder where I am, can’t see my face in front of my hand” and struggle in others such as “chasing down the man, facing down the heat.” The guitar solos in the track once again feel like the perfect bow on top of this laid-back track and help you sink into it that much more. 

From start to finish, For No Apparent Reason feels like a love letter to rock fans. It kicks off in a high-octane, attention-grabbing way and eases you into its more mellow tracks with grace. For the rock fan, this is an easy must-listen, but there is enough here that anyone can sink their teeth into it and find a track to rock out with. 

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