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The Read of the Summer

August 31, 2010 Maria Sica 0

Suzanne Collins’ final installment to her Hunger Games Trilogy (Hunger Games and Catching Fire) is finally here. Mockingjay, starts off where Catching Fire’s cliff hanger […]

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One Lucky Reader

August 8, 2010 Maria Sica 0

Michael J. Fox’s 2002 memoir, “Lucky Man” is an eye-opening, insightful, and heartfelt work that shows a side of Fox unlike any other. This very […]

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Something to Rave About

July 12, 2010 Maria Sica 0

Robert Rave’s new novel, “Waxed,” expected this August, is a realistic story about three very different sisters whose paths cross at their older sister’s famous […]

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The Summer Before

June 27, 2010 Maria Sica 0

Baby-Sitters Club fans were recently in for a treat: Ann M. Martin brought back the four original founding sitters and wrote them into a long-awaited […]

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All Mariah, All Human

June 23, 2010 Maria Sica 0

Lee Daniels’ production of “Tennessee” is a heartbreakingly human story about family, second chances and, as Mariah Carey’s character Krystal sings, “The Right to Dream.” […]

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A Sex Book for Teens?

June 6, 2010 Maria Sica 0

Ever wonder what it would be like to have that “TALK” with your kids about you-know-what? Or, are you a curious teen? Well, this book […]