Bargain Bin Gaming- Episode Six: Burnout Legends

ULUS-10025Burnout Legends is a PSP Greatest Hit and Runs for $19.99 at most video game outlets.

A staple in the Electronic Arts stable of games for the past half-decade, Burnout Legends continues the success of the series on the PSP, where it may be the best version of the game available on any console to date. EA has pulled out all the stops in making this rendition of everyone’s favorite combat racer come to life on the PSP.

For those unfamiliar with the Burnout franchise, imagine the speed of a racing game like Midnight Club, combined with a destruction derby. Players are not only responsible for winning events; they also have to destroy their opponent’s cars in the process, eventually creating a racing experience that everyone can enjoy.

Much like Wipeout Pure and Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, Burnout Legends for some reason, just plays better on the PSP than it does on the PS2. The game has a better sense of speed and does a better job in keeping gamers hooked. One way this is accomplished is by having more gameplay options than any one gamer could ever play.

Players can play in a variety of modes that will keep them busy for hours on end. One popular gameplay mode, Crash, actually has the player try and do as much damage as possible to their car and to the others around them. Another interesting mode is Pursuit, [An obvious throwback to the SNES classic, Chase HQ] where gamers are asked to chase down a car and destroy it in an allotted amount of time. If that wasn’t enough, the game also features a lengthy single player mode and online capabilities as well.

If great gameplay options weren’t enough, the game is also helped tremendously by phenomenal graphics and an amazing soundtrack that features OK-GO, Goldfinger, Pennywise, MXPX, Yellow Card and a host of others, helping an already amazing game become truly great.

Despite being one of the older games on the system, Burnout Legends is still the best racing game available on the PSP. Its amazing graphics, myriad of gameplay options and solid loading times make it a great game on the go; while it’s online and multiplayer modes make it great with a friend.

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