Dividing Your Favorite Meat Product Equally Between Milk Shakes

Episode Commentary: Multiple Meats

Master Shake, the sword from “Highlander” and Meatwad.

C’mon, you know what’s going to happen here.

Either tremendously bored or fed up with his naivete, Shake decides to cut Meatwad in half, but unfortunately for him [and fortunately for the viewer] his plan backfires, and the adorable meatball is simply turned into two.

Yes, two, albeit less intelligent versions of himself. Who, in turn, cannot accomplish anything but compliment each other and wax semantics.

The rest of the episode simply writes itself, as Shake delves deeper into insanity, continuing to cut Meatwad into smaller and smaller pieces, resulting in an army of bite-sized beef balls that do nothing but waste each others time and drive Shake crazy. Perhaps a play on what is going on in our Government, this episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the smartest one this season, but most won’t be able to see through the childish humor.

Why? Because seeing Shake this bent out of shape is perhaps one of the funniest things on the show this season.

Nevertheless, it’s a great 13-minutes that prove once again that Master Shake will never learn to relax and Frylock will always be stuck with him to pick up the pieces.

Scary thought that Meatwad, in the end, may be the smartest of the three and just doesn’t know it.

From the ending of this episode as well, he might be immortal as well.

Long live Meatwad.

All that’s left to do now is sing one million bottles of beer on the wall.

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