TNA Impact Wrestling Power Rankings: Howl of the Wolves

Despite the small card on this week’s show, Impact Wrestling had a pay per view type feel at times and in spite of a few blemishes was one of the best shows the company has put on this year.

Check out this week’s TNA Power Rankings to see who could be the new faces of Impact Wrestling if they can find a way to get past Magnus.

Honorable Mention: Gunner: This kid took a beating and kept fighting against a former World Heavyweight Champion in James Storm. One of the best matches on Impact in months, Gunner got the vengeance he deserved with a hard-earned win.

5: Abyss: Does “The Monster” have World Title aspirations? If so, Magnus is in for a whole lot more hurt than he ever expected. With Eric Young on his tail as well, Abyss is probably more pertinent than he’s been in years. If he can just shake off Magnus and get his swagger back, fans will and can quickly buy into another reign of destruction.

4: Eric Young: One of TNA’s most underrated stars, Young cut a killer promo and had a solid match with Samoa Joe this week on Impact. Although the match itself could have been much better, Young was able to hang in and prove to fans that he belongs. Don’t let the match’s sloppy finish fool you- Young will bring his A-game next week. For years, fans have cried for Young to get in a World Title feud and it looks like they’ve finally got their wish.

3: Magnus: His attitude needs adjusting, in a big way. That heel with all the swagger and plenty of ability, Magnus has used his relationship with Abyss and other opportunities afforded to him to hold on to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for months now. Has he finally met his math with Joe? Or will he live to fight another day?

2: Samoa Joe: Just when you think Joe is all out of chances, MVP goes and offers him another one. One of TNA’s most popular performers and easily one of their most engaging and beloved characters, he’d make a great new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, but with Magnus willing to do anything to hold on to the title and now Abyss and Eric Young getting a shot, can Joe come out on top?

1: The Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards: No one expected the Wolves would dominate the way they did against Magnus and Abyss this week on Impact. Although the win had a lot to do with Magnus cutting his losses and living to fight another day, the Wolves continue to prove they are the most talented team in the Tag Team division.

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