Review Fix Exclusive: Inside PhoneSoap XL

Review Fix chats with Dan Barnes, President, Co-Founder PhoneSoap, who discusses how the product is changing the way we clean our electronic devices. Also discussing their new Kickstarter and how the device is used, Barnes lets us know exactly why it’s one unique piece of technology.

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Review Fix: How was the product created?

Dan Barnes: PhoneSoap XL was actually created by our customers! We launched our original PhoneSoap after reading an article that the average cell phone is 18x dirtier than a public toiled. We did some test of our own and found out that this was true. Our phones are filthy! Everything we touch, we transfer to our phone. While we wash our hands, we never wash our phones. Using our phones transfers that bacteria back to our hands. Because we store them in dark, warm places, the bacteria we transfer to our devices breed there. Our original product is a UV sanitizer and universal charger that cleans your phone every time you charge it. Our customers number one request has always been a tablet sized version. So, based on popular demand, we are delivering.

Review Fix: How easy is it to use?

Barnes: It’s extremely easy to use. Open the door, slide your tablet in (or any other item you want cleaned), then close the door. The lights start automatically and run for 5 minutes. If you want, there is a USB port so you can use your cord to charger your device at the same time, but it is not necessary.

Review Fix: How much does it cost?

Barnes: We launched our product on Kickstarter at $99. Full retail price when we ship to customers will be $119. Take advantage of our early discounted prices.

Review Fix: Why makes your Kickstarter special?

Barnes: We are the only company making a product like this, and instead of working behind the scenes, we have decided to involve our customers in the production and development of the product.

Review Fix: What other products besides phones and tablets has it been tested on?

Barnes: We have only lab tested the units on Phones and Tablets, but the UV light is universal. As long as your product is being hit by the lights, it will be cleaned.

Review Fix: Bottom line, why should someone use it?

Barnes: We use our devices every day, yet they are the filthiest items we come in contact with. While some bacteria is good for you, the amount that lives on our devices is not. It is just as important to clean our devices as our hands since our hands are ultimately always getting dirty from our devices. Our devices end this cycle.

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