Arrow Episode Commentary: Beyond Redemption

Some things are better off dead. However, there are some things in life that we wish we could go back and change. Seeking absolution can be both a gift or a curse though the intentions are more than often good. Arrow episode four, Beyond Redemption (directed by Lexi Alexander), showcases most of our main characters grappling with their need to do better, regardless of the consequences.

At the conclusion of last week’s episode, Oliver proclaimed his wanting to run for Mayor. With the past Star City elected officials dropping like flies, who better to save the city than the Green Arrow himself? Ever since his return, Ollie has been trying to be everything but his old self. He has a new lair, a bigger team and wants to go about things differently. Oliver has been the most forthcoming this season with his secrets and wants (minus what he hid behind that cupcake) while everyone else is either turning a blind eye or shoving the dirt under the carpet. This can not be good.

In the “turning a blind eye” pile, is the whole Sara situation. After countless warnings by those who know the Lazarus Pit best, Laurel and Thea took their spa trip to Nanda Parbat and came back with a banana sandwich version of Sara as a parting gift. Laurel is trying her hardest to domestic her sister with pictures from their childhood but not letting her go any further than her basement for safe keeping. It’s as if Laurel wants so badly to mend her family back together, her tunnel vision is sure to be her downfall. I’m looking forward to seeing her and Oliver clashing once this comes to light. Oliver is sure to give her the “you should have known better” speech while Laurel spits back with “Well, you did it first!” The audience is will be left having to choose a side, asking ourselves, “Who’s sister is ‘more important’? And in a moment of desperation, does it even matter?”

Detective Lance is another lost soul seeking salvation. With his department loosing their grip on the city while the Arrow was playing Susie Homemaker, Damien Darhk has taken a stronghold over the city. Lance, unfortunately, has to succumbed to peer pressure and is Darhk puppet. Now, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. Some of best acting in this episode, and maybe even the series came from Stephen Amell and Paul Blackthrone’s interactions. Quentin has always had it out for Oliver, and it was refreshing and almost heartbreaking to watch Queen express his disappointment in Lance after years of looking up to him. Thankfully, things seem to be headed toward these two working as one to defeat Darhk.

That probably won’t be so easy. Darhk having mystical powers and all.

Oliver, in the end, hung up his hood and put on his Sunday best to address the city he loves. Proclaiming that he is here to stay and vindicate his city, he will stop at nothing to bring Star City beyond redemption. To wash away the wrong doings and create a city anew.

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