Suicide Squad Review: Fun

“Suicide Squad” is one of those Superhero flicks that is action packed and filled with fun.

There was plenty of hype that leads up to this movie and it sure paid off. Not only does this team of sadistic killers display their powers and array of talent, they also bring plenty of laughs due to their charisma and witty personalities. What is great about this film is that each member of this prestigious team connects to the audience in many different ways. The negative, however, is that there are a few characters that aren’t needed and are a complete waste of screen time.

Diablo played by Jay Hernandez (“Quarantine”) was a character who pulled off the look of a mad man with full body and facial tattoos, with the ability to spew fire, but for the majority of the film he held back his powers and felt sorry for himself. You could say that he is DC’s version of the Human Torch and although there isn’t anything wrong with that comparison, his role in this film was not that exciting. Captain Boomerang, on the other hand, might have been the least favorite character in this film. Jai Courtney (“Terminator: Genesis”) plays the jacked up Aussie who throws a boomerang. His character was obnoxious and was a complete bore throughout the movie.

Many of us wanted to see how Jared Leto (“Requiem for a Dream”) would pull off the Joker. He certainly can’t touch the late Heath Ledger’s role, but we all knew that. However, he did do a great job of portraying the role of the crazy clown. He wasn’t as in your face and powerful as Ledger and certainly didn’t capture the audience, but it was his look that brought out the best in his performance with his tattoos and grilled teeth. The only weak part of his character that he did not master the laugh as well as Ledger or even Nicholson.

Ironically, the characters who stole the show were Deadshot played by Will Smith (“Bad Boys”) and Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie (“The Wolf of Wall Street”). Smith’s performance was absolutely insane, he was hilarious and charismatic. You could say this was a vintage Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Bad Boys performance in terms of sarcastic humor and in your face attitude. Robbie was brilliant as Quinn- she had the voice and mannerisms down to a science. Not only did she look appealing as Joker’s love interest, but her character drew many laughs. You could even say she was a fan favorite.

For a superhero flick, this had to be a film that had the best music to date. There were plenty of fantastic hits that went great with each scene. Come baby Come by K-7 was one of the songs that went perfectly with a scene of Harley Quinn with a baseball bat. Overall, this has to be one of DC’s best films. Although “The Watchmen” wasn’t a fan favorite, “Suicide Squad” did have a similar feel, but the good news is that it was a much better film.

Audiences will not be disappointed with these group of unique “superheroes.” If you can look past a few characters that did not draw interest, this film is a must see for DC fans and all comic book fans alike.

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