Review Fix Exclusive: Rusted Root’s Michael Glabicki Talks Brooklyn Bowl Show And More

Review Fix chats with Rusted Root’s Michael Glabicki who discusses the band’s upcoming album and show at Brooklyn Bowl.

Review Fix: How did your childhood play a role in your decision to devote your life to music?

Michael Glabicki: I think from an early age I was kind of spiritually aloof. For that reason I found the world that music exposed gave me a feeling of representation. Music explained who I was more than anything I was seeing or being told here on earth in the “real world”. Music is liberating because it’s a place where fear doesn’t exist- it really shows us our greatest potential.

Review Fix: How has your sound evolved over the years?

Glabicki: It’s a lot more free now with less expectations. We are willing to accept the beauty of surprise each night whether it works or not. As far as songwriting goes I still am an explorer of sorts but I am a different person now so I don’t think I can explain that to you in a short answer.

Review Fix: What makes Rusted Root unique?

Glabicki: I think it is the intent of the songwriting to explain the “We” not the “I” there a lot of bands out there that present themselves in an amped up fashion to tell their crowd and their fans who they are and who they think they are. That’s fine and it has a place. It’s the “look at me ” sound. I was always more interested in writing from the perspective of “we as a community.” The rhythms, melodies, and harmonies of Rusted Root are all in tune with that perspective.

Review Fix: What makes the album you’re currently working on special?

Glabicki: Everything! It’s special in every way!

Review Fix: So far, is there a standout track on the new album? How was it written?

Glabicki: I feel that they are all standouts so I really can’t choose. For the most part I am writing the songs and coming up with a strong blueprint for the arrangement and then the band works off of that. We will then usually try to perform them live for a while before recording.

Review Fix: How is this new body of work different from the band’s other work?

Glabicki: Hmmm… a lot more grooving. Also more scenes within the songs.

Review Fix: What’s going to make this appearance at Brooklyn Bowl different?

Glabicki: It’s the Brooklyn Bowl…come on!! It’s always a great night for us and full of surprises for us too.

Review Fix: Feelings on the upcoming dates/tour?

Glabicki: There’s a great feeling out there for us now. people are really responding to the music, to our message, and to the realness of what we bring

Review Fix: How is the band’s sound different live?

Glabicki: Well it’s different every night.  We connect with the audience and we conform to that – in that sense it’s a communal experience . each night is different -therefore it’s way different than our recordings.

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