Smackdown Live Power Rankings: The New Kevin Owens Show

Kevin Owen’s brutal attack towards Jericho makes him more dominant than expected. Check out which other competitor showed no remorse in this week’s Smackdown Live power rankings.

Honorable Mention: AJ Styles: The Phenomenal One is completely focused on the United States title.

5: Charlotte: She won’t allow herself to stay down even if she’s injured.

4: Sin Cara: Although he has high-flying moves, Sin Cara has slowly developed a powerful in-ring ability to ensure he can be a force on Smackdown.

3: Tye Dillinger: With his speed and strength, Dillinger continues to keep momentum on his side and impress the WWE universe.

2: Sami Zayn: Although he’s stuck in the mid-card, he’s a beloved fan-favorite.

1: Kevin Owens: He’s a dangerous wrestler, however, the Prize Fighter pushes himself to be better in the ring now that he’s the new United States champion.

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