Battle Club Pro: The Bounty in Kings County Coverage: Dunne and British Strong Style Dominant, Macintosh Punches Ticket to Finals

Eight awesome matches and the appearances of both established talent and up and coming indie stars made Battle Club Pro’s The Bounty in Kings County an awesome indie event that ever let up. All eight matches told awesome stories and with BCP one step closer to crowning their first ever champion, indie wrestling in New York City has never been more legitimate and cooler.

While having the likes of Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate, as well as Matt Cross, Shane Strickland and Deanna Purazzo on the card was awesome, the fact that they actually worked amazing matches with the likes of MJ Jenkins, The Carnies and Darius Carter proves that BCP is a legitimate promotion and one to watch in the coming months.


“Hot Fire” Myron Reed vs. Flip Gordon: Excellent opening match with a ton of spots and speed. Reed was fantastic early on using acrobatic maneuvers, but Gordon fought back with strikes and a Blockbuster variation. Reed battled back with vicious strikes after some Suplexes from Gordon, evening things up a bit. Reed nearly won with the Spanish Fly, after a series of counters and more striking from both competitors. Gordon then got the win after the Samoan Drop and a 450.

The Heavenly Bodies: Desirable Dustin and Gigolo Justin vs. The Ugly Ducklings: Lance Luke and Rob Killjoy w/Coach Mikey: There was a huge contrast in styles here, but this was a war as the Ducklings fought hard and used strikes and speed to outclass the bigger Bodies. Mikey then got involved and even though The Bodies took care of him, The Ducklings battled back hard and took out the Bodies on the outside. The Bodies almost won too with a 3D variation that rocked the crowd, but the Ducks got the win with the Ducksday Device.

Logan Black vs. Shane Mercer: Henry Gorilla Pressed Black and Suplexed him over the guard rail to start the match, but Black wouldn’t lay down. Black then nailed a Fisherman Buster on Mercer but Mercer hit a beautiful Electric Chair/Wheel Barrow Suplex on Black and followed it up with an Exploder in the corner. Mercer then went Coast to Coast (thanks to the referee) with Black in the corner Tree of Woe Style. Mercer was in pure domination mode, but Black used a pair of Brass Knuckles behind the referee’s back to get the win.

Deanna Purazzo vs. MJ Jenkins: Purazzo was definitely the better technical performer, but Jenkins was a gritty and charismatic performer who stayed in the fight. Jenkins nearly won with a Front Facebuster and then worked over Purazzo with strikes. Some Whitney Houston singing and a Head Scissors later and Jenkins was still in control. Although Purazzo nearly won with the Armbar, Jerkins got the shocking win with the Gorybuster.

The Carnies: Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy vs. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate: This was an amazing match. Definitely PPV quality. There was a bit of horseplay at the start of the match and it continued throughout the match, but the strikes were stiff and the crowd absolutely ate it up. Kerry Awful held his own with Seven and nailed a monster Clothesline to score a near-fall. Seven took a beating but hit a nice Spike DDT that allowed Bate to get the hot tag. Bate then hit Awful with the Pele Kick and a Release German Suplex for a near-fall. Bate then hit some more offense but Awful took out Seven on the outside before Iggy almost won with the Cutter. Seven then hit Iggy with a Dragon Suplex and Seven Star Lariat but Awful broke up the pin. After some more strikes and counters from everyone, the crowd was going nuts as it was a complete stalemate. Seven then hit the Burning Hammer, but The Carnies fought back with their modified Destroyer. Then after some more offense, Seven and Bate got Awful out of the ring and Bate finished him off with the Tyler Driver.

Winner Gets to Finals of Battle Club Pro Championship Tournament: Fatal Four-Way: Matt Macintosh vs. Mike Verna vs. Anthony Bowens vs. Brute Vanslyke: This was a war that saw every competitor hit their signature maneuvers and come close to securing a victory. Verna, however, was the one who dominated the longest thanks to his strength, but Macintosh was slippery as Bowens too was always in it. Vanslyke too had his dominant spells but after he was sent to the outside, Macintosh took advantage of an opportunity and hit the Curb Stomp on Bowens to get the win and punch his ticket to the finals of the Battle Club Pro Championship tournament. After the match, Vanslyke tried to beat on Battle Club pro’s Mark Adam Haggerty, but Federated hit the ring and stopped the onslaught. Ultimately, however, they decided to Powerbomb him anyway and Vanslyke joined the faction.

Defy Champion Shane Strickland vs. Matt Cross: Tons of near-falls here as Cross and Strickland were on their game. The crowd loved this one and Strickland, charismatic as hell, worked over Cross, while Cross never gave up and was always a counter away from a win. At one point, Cross used his head to stop an Irish Whip and nearly won with the Lethal Injection. But after a nasty kick in the corner and a Gory Special transitioned into a GTS, Strickland won with the Double Stomp from the top rope to retain his title.

WWE UK Champion and Progress Champion Pete Dunne vs. Darius Carter: Dunne was in charge early on working over Carter’s fingers, and the refs- and a fan’s. Although it was fun in the beginning, Carter stepped up and began to scream less and counter more. Dunne, however, continued to be brutal and dominate. After a Double Stomp to Carter on the outside, Dunne threw Carter into the crowd and began to throw chairs on him. Dunne then used a fan to kick Carter over the rail but then threw Carter back into the crowd. The two then began to fight all over the outside of the ring and the fans ate it up. Once the action got back into the ring, Dunne continued to beat on Carter, but the debonair millionaire slowed things down enough and was ready to strike. However, Dunne hit the X-Plex and appeared ready to end it. Carter tried to come back but Dunne hit the Belly-to-Belly for a near-fall. Carter then hit the Hangman’s Neckbreaker for a near-fall of his own. The two continued to trade strikes, but Dunne continued to get the better of Carter. Dunne then followed up a groin shot with a Pedigree for a near-fall. Carter then countered the Bitter End and accidentally knocked out the referee. Dunne hit the Tombstone, but there was no one to count. The Carnies then beat on Dunne, but Trent Seven and Tyler Bate hit the ring as well to even the odds. Now with Dunne’s back turned Carter nailed him with the Tier One title and bloodied him. Carter then hit the Pedigree, but Dunne kicked out and won with the Triangle Choke.

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