How to Choose the Right Instrument for Your Child

As a parent, it is normal to be hands-on during the selection process of deciding the perfect instrument for your child. If your child is interested in playing an instrument, it could be a difficult task with multiple options to consider. Although the key to being good is by learning and practicing, still, it is more enjoyable to invest in an instrument that is suitable for your child’s preferences and capabilities. In this article, we weighed down the types of musical instruments that are the best fit for your child. 

Types of Musical Instruments


There is a broad list of percussion instruments. Nevertheless, they are easy to pick up since all you need is something to rattle and you can instantly make a beat. Kids can also benefit from this as it enhances music coordination and keeping the rhythm intact. 


String instruments are by far the largest ones in the orchestra. They are also quite challenging to start with as they can be massive and might be too complex for a child. But hey! Great things take time, right?

Moreover, string instruments make the most disciplined students. If they can handle playing any instrument from the orchestra, then they can handle almost anything! The benefits include tone and pitch coordination and determination. Start by visiting the nearest violin shop in town or purchase one online. Make sure that the instrument fits your child’s size and expertise.


To start off with brass instruments, trumpets are recommended. It is suitable for beginners and even with prior experience. Similar to woodwind instruments like the flute, it requires tough patience as kids may need to hold the instrument for a long span of hours. It will teach them how to wait though! And a lot more benefits. 


Train your child’s breathing and voice as early as now! With woodwind instruments, it is a great instrument to practice vibrations as well as patience. The most commonly used brass instruments by kids are flutes. Warning though, practices often include the hands and arms lifted for a long period of time.

Advice in choosing the right instrument

When you get into the stage wherein kids are interested in musical instruments, it can be challenging for parents. As their guidance, you ought to have the best experience. But this starts with the right instrument. There are a lot of considerations prior to deciding such as their age, their capabilities, their height, their mental and emotional development. 

Taking musical instrument practices can be draining. As a mother or a father, it is your responsibility to answer the question, “Are my kids ready?” Evaluate every consideration. Are they at the right age to play an instrument? Can they carry an instrument and hold it for so long? Are they willing to spend time practicing? 

Finding the right instrument for your child is just the tip of the iceberg. Commitment and consistency are also important. Nevertheless, your child deserves to have fun and maximize his time as a kid! 

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