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A Day in the Life

December 8, 2009 Raya Dimitrova 0

To the chagrin and dismay of the Razzies (the Academy Awards antithesis) critics, Scottish director Michael Caton-Jones proves his talent at adapting books to the […]

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Freedom in Film

December 7, 2009 David Guzman 0

Some time ago, New York Daily News columnist David Hinckley discussed “The Top 13 Pop Culture Moments of 1968,” and wrote about “a year whose […]

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Nut Up or Shut Up

December 6, 2009 Nick Valente 0

“Zombieland” has the perfect recipe for an action-packed adventure and is full of laughs and excitement. Knowing the world is filled with zombies and that […]

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Cage is Back

December 5, 2009 Nick Valente 0

An intriguing, character-driven film where one man can make a whole movie worth watching, “The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” has plenty of […]