Review Fix 2009 Year End Awards: Music

Several big albums rocked the music scene in all genres this year, with many new and returning artists making their marks. Countless names have made it big this year–too many that one will likely have a hard time choosing which to listen to or buy an album first. If you’re a music lover but don’t have any idea what to listen to this year, let this article help. 

Join Review Fix as they share their thoughts on some of this year’s best tunes.

Best Album –


Blueprint 3 – Jay-Z. This multi-topping chart album has gone platinum in the United States and the UK and hit number one with tracks such as “Run This Town” featuring Kanye West and Rihanna and “Empire State of Mind” featuring Alicia Keys.

If you’re a fan of Jay-Z, you’ll surely enjoy this album as it features classic songs from the artist and is even considered one of the best albums by many listeners. There are 15 songs in this album, so make sure to grab a copy now so you can start vibing to Jay-Z’s best hits!

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Rated R Rihanna: There’s something about an artist who successfully translates her pain into her music and that’s exactly what Rihanna’s done with her album entitled Rated R. Every song is a reflection of her life experiences, but it’s not all about pain and heartache.

Winner: Rated R Rihanna. There are some fun tracks here that make you want to dance. Currently, both “Hard” and “Russian Roulette” are on the charts, and judging from fan reaction they’ll be several more hits before this album has run its course.

Rihanna’s album is a mix of upbeat love songs and dance hits. So, whatever tunes you like to listen to, Rihanna will surely serve it to you. In fact, the tracks in this album are very relatable for both men and women. 

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-Donna-Lyn Washington

Another Take: I had a blast with both of Train’s and Michael Buble’s newest albums this year, but Colbie Caillat’s “Breakthrough” was the first album in quite some time that I could leave on from start to finish. Combining predictable, yet soulful lyrics with a sound that is not quite pop, not quite folk, and not quite modern rock, Colbie Caillat’s second album “Breakthrough” is a work that is simply irresistible to the ears. It doesn’t matter that the 24-year-old is still maturing as a musician and a songwriter and that process is evident- “Breakthrough” is just too charming and catchy to be ignored.

If you want to listen to feel-good tracks that can help you relax, Colbie’s albums are one of the best choices out there. Even if this girl is still starting to make a name in the music industry, her songs don’t disappoint. The tracks on her album are very meaningful as she uses music to convey her experience as an aspiring artist. 

Some of the best tracks in Colbie’s album are “Fallin’ for you,” “You Got Me,” and “I Never Told You.” These songs are mellow yet very catchy, so start listening to these as soon as possible. Colbie’s album is available on several online streaming sites, along with Cole Liles‘ tracks. 

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-Patrick Hickey Jr.

Best New Artist-


Owl City: Like most musical acts Owl City has been rocking for a while, still 2009 was a breakthrough year for them. They were finally appreciated by having their song “Fireflies” from their latest album Ocean Eyes being released as a free download on multiple music sites. Their song “Vanilla Twilight” is also a great track that everyone should listen to. 

Lady Gaga: Similar to Owl City, Lady Gaga has been in the music business for quite some time. However, 2009 is when her album The Fame Monster exploded on the charts with hit tracks “Bad Romance,” “Telephone” featuring Beyonce, and several more – proving that there’s a place for Lady Gaga in this business. Her theatrics have also gotten her noticed, but it’s the music that will give her longevity.

For people who are looking for tracks that they can dance to all day long, Lady Gaga will not disappoint. Her own performances and collaborations with other artists will surely keep you energized! 

Justin Bieber- As a true best new artist, Justin Bieber’s first solo effort shows that he has staying power. The bubble-gum pop songs (mostly co-written by Bieber) are a glimmer of what this artist has to offer the music industry. If you haven’t heard this artist sing, you should definitely look for and listen to tracks like “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl” to know how talented Justin is. 

Winner: Justin Bieber. With “Bigger,” “Down to Earth” and “First Dance” climbing multiple charts and part II of his album being released next year, you’ll be sure to hear from him in the future.

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-Donna-Lyn Washington

Best Band-


The Noisettes: Their 2009 release “Wild Young Hearts” is a bold take on several musical influences. With more hits than misses on this album, the Noisettes have proven that you can mix funk and disco.

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Monty Are I: Their latest album “Break Through The Silence” is an overall enjoyable album that makes you want to get out and purchase everything they’ve ever done. This group rocks out and you’ll be glad for the listening experience.

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Bon Jovi- A great band for nearly thirty years the rock band with the Jersey roots isn’t going anywhere.

Winner: Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi’s albums have reached the number one or two spot for five consecutive studio albums including the latest release “The Circle.” With “The Circle Tour” due to start in early 2010 we’ll be sure to hear from them for many years to come.

You can read Donna-Lyn Washington’s review of this album here.

-Donna-Lyn Washington

Best Single-


Still Haven’t Met You Yet- Michael Buble: A uber-catchy track that manages to be fun, charming, and hip all at the same time.

Soul Sister- Train: Another catchy tune that has some of the best pop lyrics to date. The love song is not dead yet my friends.

I Won’t- Colbie Caillat: Must be saying something about what I listened to this year, but Caillat’s song about a love gone astray showcases just how talented an artist she is and what the future holds.

Winner: Soul Sister- Train: Patrick Monahan’s voice is easily one of the best in music today. Add in excellent music and great lyrics and you have the best song of the year.

-Patrick Hickey Jr.

Another Take:

“Run This Town” Jay-Z featuring Kanye West and Rihanna. This hip-hop track is infectious as Jay-Z utilizes every weapon in his rap arsenal to create the anthem of the year. He definitely rocked 09 with multilayered harmonies and tight rhymes. All other artists should “throw their hands in cause they ain’t got no spades.”


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