The Rules of Betting

January 21, 2017 Staff 0

Betting Rules One of the first tasks is to be able to analyze the bet quickly and adequately everything in the betting sites. Bookmakers sometimes […]

How to Bet on Basketball

December 23, 2016 Staff 0

Basketball bets are loved by those who prefer dynamic and spectacular games. Bookmakers offer to place basketball bets on one of the teams winning, or […]

Casinos in Cyrus?

December 23, 2016 Staff 0

Great news for the gamblers of international scale. Not so long ago, it became known that in Cyprus the first set, in which, in addition […]

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The Politics of The Booty

April 3, 2014 Sara Perito 0

Ass, butt, buttocks, heinie, derrière, rump, caboose, rear, rear-end, bottom, trunk, backside, donkey, ba-dunk-a-dunk, bum, buns, tuchis, or tusch, or tuschy, culo, fanny, fatty, gluteus maximus, or as […]