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Ever wonder what the ten best video games of all-time are, or what ten guitarists rock the hardest?

Well at ReviewFix.com, we have the answers to those questions and much more.

You see, we are the kings of opinion, the gods of criticism and the sultans of truth.

Only here will you be enlightened.

Episode List:

Best Classic Rock Concert Experiences

Films that Deserve a DVD Release

Underrated and Unknown Recordings of the Classic Rock Era

Troma Films

X-Box 360 Games

Quincy Jones’ Lesser Knowns

Michael Jackson’s Sleeper Hits

Songs with America in Them

Influential Sports Games

Media Home Entertainment Releases

Billy Joel Sleeper Hits

Classic Rock Guitarists

Comic-Inspired Games

Classic Rock Bassists

Underrated PSone Games

PS3 Games

Classic Rock Drummers

Wrestling Tag Teams of the ’90s

Classic Rock Vocalists

Underrated and Overlooked PS2 Games

Underrated and Overlooked Xbox Games

Live Rock Albums

Underrated and Overlooked Gamecube Games

How to not Embarrass Yourself in Karaoke

Dreamcast Games

Underrated Comic Book Characters

Super Nintendo Games

Undiscovered B-Movie Horror Flicks

Portable Games

Comedies of the ’70s

Holiday Movies

Christmas Songs

Christmas Specials/Movies

Modern Christmas Songs

Movies Featuring Animals

Golf Influenced Sitcoms and Movies

Classic Rock Albums

Influential Wrestling Finishers

Vegas Flicks

Worst Movie Mothers

Wrestling Characters of the ’80s

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